OpenX 2.5.70-beta released

The OpenX team have released an upgrade of the OpenX 2.5 beta software, this time version 2.5.70-beta. In addition to some bug fixes, the most important change has to do with internationalization. OpenX are committed to making the software available in many languages, and this upgrade includes support for 11 languages including French, German, Italian, Japanese and simplified Chinese. I think it’s very smart to think about the whole world as a market and not just the English speaking users.

I upgraded a few of the OpenX instances I operated yesterday without any problems. According to the issue tracker this new beta has fixes for 29 bugs (many of them have to do with translations, obviously).

It seems this 2.5 beta is getting closer and closer to stability and the OpenX team have said repeatedly that they’ll release it as 2.6 as soon as it’s stable. I’m looking forward to that.

A personal note: I do not recommend using beta software on production websites, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, or are prepared to deal with the inherent risks of using beta grade software on a live website.

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