OpenX version 2.6 released

Today marks an important day in the history of OpenX, and perhaps looking back on it in a few years, even the internet advertising industry. The OpenX team today launched version 2.6 of their flagship product. It’s been a long development process. I’ve actually been running early beta versions of this new release since November 2007. I’ve seen the new system grow and mature and each new beta brought interesting new features.

There are many exciting new features in OpenX version 2.6, too many to mention them all in a single blog post. But I have to mention the new Single Page Call feature that will help webmasters everywhere keep their pages loading fast even with many ads on them. I’m also very excited about the API that’s part of this release. I believe this is going to be very good for third party developers who want to create additional functionality without having to modify the OpenX core. And a very important new set of features is about managing users and permissions.

Please join me in congratulating everyone at OpenX with this new release.

Update: I’ve put together a ‘recipe’ for upgrading your OpenX to this newest version.

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