OpenX works fine in Google Chrome

This week saw the release of a new product from Google, their web browser Chrome.

I downloaded and installed Chrome and tried it out on a few sites and applications I use a lot. One of them, of course, is OpenX, and it works fine there. What I like is that you can create a so called ‘application short cut’ that sits as an icon on your desktop. When you click that icon, the browser opens with almost no clutter, so you get maximum work space for the application.

I’ve been testing the OpenX 2.6 management interface through Google Chrome, and so far, everything I’ve looked at works as you would expect. I’ve also been looking at a few of my sites and the ads on them that are delivered using OpenX. Again, no surprises, every ad appears just at is would in the other major browsers.

Google Chrome starts very fast and it seems to load pages just as fast or faster than other browsers I’ve worked with. But then again, most browsers are very fast when you’ve just installed them. A nice little extra in Chrome is the fact that any text editing box (like the one here on my blog where I’m typing this text) can be resized with the mouse, so that you get a little bit more room to type and edit.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for a day now and I’m very impressed. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox (my current favorite) probably have a very strong new competitor.

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  1. Tom Fisher says:

    Hi Erik,

    I noticed that Google Chrome had come out. Was thinking about giving it a try also, but have been so happy with Firefox.

    Now I know that I will give it a test run. It’s also nice to know that it works with OpenX, I’m just getting started with it.

    Tom Fisher