Hosting Status Overview January 2011

Total up time in January 2011 for Platform 1: 99,982% (1 incident, 8 minutes).

Total up time in January 2011 for Platform 2: 99,969% (2 incidents, 14 minutes total).

Incident Overview:

  • Platform 2: On Friday January 21 from 4.21PM to 4.27PM, 2 delivery nodes of the second platform were out of order for a short period of time. As a result, some of the visitors that had just been assigned to one of these delivery nodes, temporarily saw no banners or very slow performance. Total duration of this incident: 6 minutes.
  • Both platforms: On Saturday January 22 from 02.09AM to 02.15 AM, one of the image servers used to serve banner images for both platforms was out of order for a short time. The load balancer on the CDN detected this immediately and diverted all traffic to other image servers. No downtime for visitors.
  • Both platforms: On Tuesday January 25 at 10.59AM, a serious disruption occurred with one of the network providers that service our data center. Visitors that happened to be connect to our services through this network got no banners for approximately 8 minutes. Technicians diverted the network traffic to other suppliers temporarily until the disruption was resolved. Total duration of this incident: 8 minutes.

Note: all times in GMT+1

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