Fix for Contract Campaign Under Delivery Problem (Part 2)

In December 2009, I wrote a blog post about a fix for the contract campaign under delivery problems that many people experienced at the time. Back then, OpenX version 2.8.2 was the most recent release. The fix didn’t make it into OpenX v2.8.3 security fix version that was released just before Christmas 2009, but it was incorporated in all later releases.

The developer who created this fix, Matteo Beccati, continued working on the issues that many people reported with contract campaigns that wouldn’t get the required number of impressions, even when there was more than enough traffic available.

A second fix, a follow up to the earlier fix, has been released in June 2010, but I never got around to mentioning it here on the site. The bug report and fix can be downloaded from the OpenX developer zone.

Update March 10, 2011: I’ve had the opportunity to test this second part of the fix in a real-life situation for one of my clients. There was a contract campaign that was seriously under delivering, doing only about 11,000 impressions per day where it needed at least 15,000 per day to reach its target by the end date. After the patch was implemented, the probability percentages of the campaign’s banners in the zones it was linked to immediately increased and the campaign has started to compensate for the lower impression numbers before. It looks very plausible that it will reach its target at the end of the duration.

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