Hosting Status Overview June 2011

Total up time in June for Ad Delivery Platform 1: 99,9375%

Total up time in June for Ad Delivery Platform 2: 99,9375%

Total up time in June for Content Delivery Network: 99,9375%

On June 24, between 00:30 AM and 04:30AM (CET), maintenance work performed on the network connections managed by a supplier caused multiple short connectivity interruptions. All of these interruptions were short individually (typically less than 1 minute each). The overall effect, however, was that we had 27 minutes of interruptions during those early hours of June 24.

This was planned maintenance by the network supplier but it was announced as “going largely unnoticed”, and therefore we did not send out a notification to our customers. In reality, the effects of the work were clearly noticeable. We have already contacted customers that were affected by this incident to offer our apologies for the poor communication. We have also changed our policies for notifications of planned maintenance to prevent similar incidents.

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